Het Touw en de Waarheid

(translated from Dutch)

“Have you ever seen the sun set in the sea? On such a warm summer evening, sitting in the soft sand, waves licking at the shore as if it were ice cream, with late light like honey on the sleepy water? (…) At first, you mainly heard the buzz of a thousand voices mixing together. Then you heard the individual voices: happy voices, sad voices, voices of children, voices of the elderly, and each voice told a different story. As many stories as there were voices, as many voices as there were people. Thus, on such an evening, the voices of Kyra and Ylan once wafted to me. They took turns telling me their special story, in words and images as intertwined as their voices. Where Kyra and Ylan lived, I do not know. Whether their story took place long ago or recently, that I do not know either. Some stories sing around the sea for centuries before they reach a coast. I have not been able to find the regions where Ylan and Kyra’s story takes place in any atlas. Life there was different than here. But however different, their story touched me and that is why I am now telling it to you.

As enchanting as the words of master wordsmith Marco Kunst are the images of Jeska Verstegen, which lure you into the story of Ylan and Kyra and never let go.”

  • Language: Dutch
  • Author: Marco Kunst
  • Illustrations: Jeska Verstegen
  • Publication: 2023
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789047714934