De boom die een wereld was

(Translated from Dutch)

“Quirky animal stories for all ages, with stunning illustrations.

The tree is old and quiet. On a branch, a sloth hangs all day motionless, staring into space. A bear sleeps among the roots. An ant marches the same path along the trunk day in and day out. But what happens when night falls and no one is watching the sloth anymore? Why is the cross spider so thin? And Betsie, the aphid, so mud-fat? Why do those two pikes in the pond by the tree look so grumpy? And that variegated tree squirrel – does it really wear a watch?

Yorick Goldewijk shares with the reader the secrets of these animals, their thoughts and peculiarities, and very skillfully connects everything together. Jeska Verstegen creates a beautiful, dreamy drawing for each story, capturing the atmosphere of the book perfectly.
From Gouden Griffel winner Yorick Goldewijk.”

  • Language: Dutch
  • Author: Yorick Goldewijk
  • Illustrations: Jeska Verstegen
  • Publisher: Ploegsma
  • Publication: 21-02-2024
  • Hardcover
  • Pages: 80
  • ISBN: 9789021685373