About me

I’m an author – illustrator living in the middle of Amsterdam.

Inspiration is everywhere around me.

My style is free: Fairytale-like or more stylised. The images are applicable for both adults and children.

My illustrations have been published in over a hundred books with well-known publishing companies.

A few examples:

About the book: I'll Keep you close

I’ll keep you close, is the title of the book I wrote, published by Querido publishers, 2020 in Amsterdam.

Levine Publishers in New York will publish the title in America, and it will be available fall 2021.

I'll Keep you close

I’ll keep you close, is an autobiographical story about my upbringing.

My mother, being Jewish, came from a family with severe experiences during the Second World War. Many family members lost their lives.

I wanted to tell the story softly and respectfully.

Quiet sentences show the story in a poetic way. The dark silence crept through my childhood years. Noiselessly shaping me in who I am today.

Many people have had a similar upbringing, occurrences resembling mine or because of other trauma in the family. The story will invite a discussion about difficult subjects which is a wonderful and inspirational side effect of this personal story.

Illustrations - Art Unlimited

Several of my art works have been published in books and recently Art Unlimited published many of my designs as postcards.

Illustrations - Art Unlimited

recent work / announcements

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Jeska Verstegen